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Friday, 25 May 2012

Wild summer inspiration

It's been a wild kind of week!

The sun has been shining very warm all week - Gaia has truly awoken and the earth is becoming abundant with tiny little green shoots poking their heads through the earth - succulent strawberries are beginning to show in pots and along the sidewalks, the beginnings of beetroot, courgettes, lettuce, chard, kale, sweetcorn - sweet little blue forget-me-nots are saying '' look at us, never forget our beauty'' accompanied by buttercups and delicious daisies to go on cakes, herb robert and cow parsley to look pretty in a vase on the table. Everywhere you look there is green and you are reminded of nature - waist high nettles and overgrown grasses all around, birds singing more loudly than ever this year it seems, singing songs of praise to the creator, a vast ocean of concrete with tough dandelions cracking through. Nothing can stand in their path! Happily awaiting the arrival of nastirtiums and marigolds to make salads colorful, evenings spent with eccentrically amazing friends and family... Dipping in the lake after a walk in the hot sunshine, wearing your best frock. I remember (and predict) long dusky romantic walks along the canal and in fields. Bright blue pretty damselflies hovering, dandelion fritters, bees buzzing in amongst the lavender, seeds flying past in the breeze. The sun sparkling on the ocean, and sandy seawater in your knickers.

All alone on the allotment at 9pm the birds are still singing, the moon is waxing and bright - little flowers close their petals to go to sleep, all alone in my flowery summer dress I dig my feet into the earth and water my toes, aswell as the plants. These are the times to give thanks to Yashua.. The night to myself, I am walking home, breathing in the sweet smell of pansies and then I spot them -  the potential for jellies and cordials from my favorite abundant tree... that really confirms summer is here - ELDERFLOWERS!! Nature is the best classroom...

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