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Tuesday, 4 February 2014

O Canada

We are currently doing a project about Canada.

We started by reading a book all about Canada, and listening to the Canadian national anthem. We learned that there is a place in Canada called Winnipeg, and Acey thought this was very funny!
We are using this curriculum from one of my favorite blogs;

We learned that there are a lot of Maple trees in Canada, and we watched a video about how Maple Syrup is made. Acey drew a picture of  a maple leaf and a maple seed.
We then tried some delicious maple syrup!!

We are also currently reading 'Little House in the big woods' at our morning circle time, and read all about how they collected maple sap to make maple sugar, and maple cakes. 

We also did a science experiment today... Using felt tip pens, Acey put a  dot half way up some strips of blotting paper, and as the water soaked into the paper, the ink 'travelled' up the paper.