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Saturday, 27 August 2016

Dinosaurs and ammonites

We are still enjoying studying dinosaurs/fossils, and have discovered some great videos for children on our new favourite website. You can have a look at them here:

I have learned a lot that I didn't know myself, and have gained a better understanding of how dinosaurs fit into the bible. We have learned that fossils could have been formed during the great flood, that the biblical name for dinosaurs is 'behemoth' and which are described in detail in the book of Job.... and about how in the garden of Eden, dinos would have lived alongside man. Maybe if you are reading this, and you are not a believer in the Bible, this sounds very bizarre, but we find it fascinating. Check out answers in genesis with an open mind to hear a different theory to the secular viewpoint, if you are interested.

On Friday after tennis class, (and after Acey insisted 15 minutes in the adjoining park with his sweet new friend) we took a trip to Charmouth beach in Dorset to have a look in their fossil centre, and to hunt for fossils on the beach. Acey found the fossils and dinosaur bones fascinating, especially the plesiosaur (did I spell that right) hanging from the ceiling. He also did some brass rubbings of an ammonite and a fossilised fish. We then went and hunted for fossils (in amongst all of the holiday makers) - we managed to find a couple of ammonites, one which Dave carefully dug out of a rock. It was a lovely sunny day, but so many people on the beach. In a couple of weeks time the schools will go back, and there will be less people everywhere - the beaches, libraries, museums, parks, shops etc will be our quiet places once again! As someone who isn't a ''people person'' I can't wait!!

Also this week after horse riding we went to back to our friend's new house, in the middle of nowhere. (Dulverton). We had lunch in their beautiful garden, and then after a play with lego, Sarah and Matthew showed Acey the woods near their house. Acey said he had a lovely time being allowed the freedom to go to the woods on their own (I was terrified, of course but pretended not to be)! The found a secret hide out, no grown ups allowed, and have decided they will form a little club, secret seven style.

And Acey and his friend Dylan managed to get involved in a free game of rounders at our local park.