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Sunday, 13 November 2011

RAWGASBOARD! and other events of this week....

This week involved;

An early morning walk to the farm shop - we always like saying hello to the friendly chickens :)

Making some more wind gliders at home ed group...
Acey had alot of fun with these ones!

They also coloured in some origami frogs :)

We have made some little acorn cap candles. Acey enjoyed pouring the wax into them and watching it go hard. Was alot of fun!

This is our new waldorf mermaid which was originally bought for Acey's christmas stocking, but we couldn't resist playing with her now. Acey has named her Ruby...(From Esterella's felted friends on facebook - she makes some LOVELY things)

Chopping the aubergine for a pasta dish that Acey made himself...

And a delicious feast was had on Friday with our friend David....not just ANY feast...but a RAWgasboard (like a smorgasboard but only containing raw food). Dave and I used to be a big fan of 'smorgasboards' back in the day. Once we got so smorgasboarded that we stuffed some cheese, kale and crystalised ginger up each of our noses, and felt that we might die. After a rawgasboard, although we were full we generally felt quite well, and not inclined to do anyting so drastic!! We feasted on raw chocolate balls which tasted like halva, carrots, peppers, raw tabouli (recipe from chrissy at sea spaghetti and raw pesto, happy pate, chia and goji crackers, and some (ok not raw) carob chocolate...
and of course sauerkraut!!!

Nettle's chia and goji crackers

I was quite impressed with how these turned out, so thought I would share the recipe. These are a nice treat for when you want a comforting sweet treat in wintertime;

Soak roughly one cup of chia in two cups of water for about 8 hours, along with a handful of goji berries. We also added some flax. When the water has all been soaked up, add two tablespoons of local raw honey or raw agave. Add a sprinkling of cinnamon or mixed spice, mix with clean hands, spread the mixture out onto a dehydrator sheet  and dehydrate for around 12 hours. Delicious! I love the smell of spices in the kitchen around this time of year. They would be lovely with raisins in them too I should imagine or some cacao.

More amazing raw-ness was had on Saturday as I met a couple of other raw foodists in Taunton - I know - in Taunton! We had some smoothies from the amazing superjuice van in town and it was wonderful to meet some lovely like minded peoples :)

Acey had lots of fun playing with his friend Nancy on Friday evening, and with his friend Vincent Bailey in the park today too! It has been a busy week, and now poor Acey has a cold so I think the next few days are going to be taking it easy.

Sunday, 6 November 2011


November is not my favourite word...neither is December, January or February either to be honest. Not a fan of the colder months...but here they are and so we will celebrate them in all of their horrible coldness!

At home ed group on Tuesday the children made some paper wind gliders which were alot of fun, although as the weather was so nice, they were itching to get outside and play. Acey had lots of fun climbing the Oak tree with his friend;

On Thursday evening we went along to our local church who were having their 'Thursday fun club' and a firework display. There were ALOT of children playing with a big parachute when we got there, which Acey did not want to participate in and spent the whole time watching with his hands over his ears. When it all quietened down a bit he started to relax a bit more and the children all lined up for hot dogs or (in Acey's case) popcorn! The firework display was nice, Acey's ears were covered yet again for the duration of the spectacle, (he does this when there are loud noises) but he had a big smile on his face and especially enjoyed the catherine wheel :) It was another lovely little event for children..

This week has also involved;

Night-time yoga by pumpkinlight (very fuzzy yoga pics)

Acey making his own porridge and hot chocolate

And over the weekend he stayed at his nanna's, and she took him swimming! He came back telling me all about how he had lots of fun jumping in the water. I spent the day in Charmouth with my  best friend David on Saturday...What can I say about that? Well, I never thought I would spend the day in Charmouth with David again, but we did and we discussed the possibility of a whale being washed ashore and trapping us there by landing on our arms like the man in 127 hours. and it was nice and quite magic.

Oh, the sea!