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Sunday, 6 November 2011


November is not my favourite word...neither is December, January or February either to be honest. Not a fan of the colder months...but here they are and so we will celebrate them in all of their horrible coldness!

At home ed group on Tuesday the children made some paper wind gliders which were alot of fun, although as the weather was so nice, they were itching to get outside and play. Acey had lots of fun climbing the Oak tree with his friend;

On Thursday evening we went along to our local church who were having their 'Thursday fun club' and a firework display. There were ALOT of children playing with a big parachute when we got there, which Acey did not want to participate in and spent the whole time watching with his hands over his ears. When it all quietened down a bit he started to relax a bit more and the children all lined up for hot dogs or (in Acey's case) popcorn! The firework display was nice, Acey's ears were covered yet again for the duration of the spectacle, (he does this when there are loud noises) but he had a big smile on his face and especially enjoyed the catherine wheel :) It was another lovely little event for children..

This week has also involved;

Night-time yoga by pumpkinlight (very fuzzy yoga pics)

Acey making his own porridge and hot chocolate

And over the weekend he stayed at his nanna's, and she took him swimming! He came back telling me all about how he had lots of fun jumping in the water. I spent the day in Charmouth with my  best friend David on Saturday...What can I say about that? Well, I never thought I would spend the day in Charmouth with David again, but we did and we discussed the possibility of a whale being washed ashore and trapping us there by landing on our arms like the man in 127 hours. and it was nice and quite magic.

Oh, the sea!

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