I am a single christian steiner inspired, wannabe Amish homeschooling mama to one little boy called Acey. We strive to live as simply, holistically, magically, healthful , wholesomely, frugally, naturally, honestly, peaceful, happy, faith based, ocean filled lifestyle as possible. I believe that parenting and the way we relate to others should be kind, gentle and understanding and learning should be natural, not forced and above all else...FUN! Here is our little blog to share with family and friends who want to see what we are getting up to...

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

O Canada

We are currently doing a project about Canada.

We started by reading a book all about Canada, and listening to the Canadian national anthem. We learned that there is a place in Canada called Winnipeg, and Acey thought this was very funny!
We are using this curriculum from one of my favorite blogs;

We learned that there are a lot of Maple trees in Canada, and we watched a video about how Maple Syrup is made. Acey drew a picture of  a maple leaf and a maple seed.
We then tried some delicious maple syrup!!

We are also currently reading 'Little House in the big woods' at our morning circle time, and read all about how they collected maple sap to make maple sugar, and maple cakes. 

We also did a science experiment today... Using felt tip pens, Acey put a  dot half way up some strips of blotting paper, and as the water soaked into the paper, the ink 'travelled' up the paper.

Monday, 25 November 2013

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Autumn days..

Lately I have been too busy to blog, we just seem to have so much going on! we have started a new free online homeschool curriculum; http://allinonehomeschool.com/grades/first-grade/ we are working our way through the first grade, and it covers pretty much everything - literacy, math, science, history, bible study. At the moment we're having fun learning about the human body and ancient egyptians. We are still doing our own thing as well, but spending an hour each day doing the curriculum is giving me more focus... I no longer get that feeling that we're not doing enough! Here's some more things we have been up to...

Monochrome painting, with our atelier box....

Halloween night time trail at Hestercombe Gardens ...we don't celebrate haloween but this was just a  bit of fun...
And a firework display with friends in their village

We also went on a (very cold, wet and muddy) home ed farm visit where we got to watch sheep being herded, feed the horses and chickens and pick apples from the orchard

We have SO many apples, from SO many foraging expeditions, we decided to make some apple crumble - Acey has made a recipe book, so he wrote the recipe down in there

And here is our home ed group which we recently started up again! It's lots of fun :)

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Apple day

Here we are watching our apple pulp get turned into juice at Stentwood community's apple day.
We also watched a lovely play which their children put on, and did some fun crafts, and had supper around the log burner.


The stairwell of my mum's flats. You wouldn't want to fall down there!

M is for...

M is for Mum! Acey stays at his nanny's house every other weekend and she always comes to watch him at karate!