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Tuesday, 6 September 2016

A party in the mosque, recitations and Monday maths

Acey and Rio had a Monday math lesson with their lovely maths teacher who is also a home educator. She is such a fab, fun teacher :)

Our friend Hannah turned eight, so we went to her birthday party in the mosque. So much lovely food and friends!

We did some catching up with friends who go to school, while it is still the summer holidays, and playing in the park with Dylan, who comes to our house some Thursdays while his mum goes to work.

Acey did a piece of handwriting I was really proud of. It was only a sentence, from his daily copywork book but writing joined up is something he struggled with for a long time, and this was so neat. So neat that I treated him to a jam doughnut! :) Sometimes it is good to celebrate the small achievements.

This week I have also been clearing out the bookcases, using the Konmari method. We had SOOO many books, it is taking a long time. I thought it would be difficult to part with books, as I love them. We have bookcases instead of a television! But actually it feels freeing to pass them on, as we weren't likely to read them again and now we have wayyy more space on the shelves. Infact, I treated myself to a new Ikea Billy bookcase as the old one had so many books on it that it buckled under the weight and the shelves were all wonky ;)
Whilst sorting through the books I came across this lovely old book of recitations for children, which belonged to my mum when she was a child, living in Australia. I have decided that Acey can read a daily recitation from it during our ''morning time'' routine...


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