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Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Bishop's palace trip

Last week, after tennis we decided to take a trip  to Bishop's palace in Wells (England's smallest city), as we have been doing a lot of reading about medieval castles. It was a great medieval place to visit, with a moat, drawbridge, a gatehouse with holes in the roof where they would have poured boiling oil on their enemies, the bishop's chapel, stained glass windows, coats of arms, embroidery, battlements, arrow holes - everything we have been learning about castles!

Afterwards, we sat outside the beautiful Wells Cathedral, and bumped into a lovely homeschooling family that we know. The children spent about an hour running around on the green together. Home ed kids are never, ever short of friends to play with. Running around freely in an historic place, with all the time in the world is such a great way to socialise - and much more connected to the real world than attending the same classroom full of children the same age as you day in day out! :) We LOVE home ed!!!

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