Jesus following, natural living, Somerset homeschooling mum to Acey. Here is our blog to share with family and friends and anyone else who might be interested, about our home ed journey.

John 13:34 - ''A new commandment I give unto you, That you love one another; as I have loved you, that you also love one another.''

Saturday, 31 July 2010

Well, hello!

My name is Nettle Fairy and I live in Somerset with my little boy Acey who has just turned four and our very old, but still very handsome cat, Casper. I've never blogged before... I think it's a bit scary! But I have recently been inspired to start blogging about the exciting (if a little scary sometimes) journey we are about to embark on - home educating!

I want to teach my son about the important things in life - Love, kindness,  happiness, health, freedom, sunshine, magic,  picnics in the woods, baking bread, making jam, rainbow cakes, hugs, free thinking,  creating beautiful things, making wishes with dandelions, watching seeds grow, toasting marshmallows around campfires, swimming in the sea, pressing flowers, knitting scarves, nature tables, mud, mud and more mud, daisy chains, foraging, making, singing, dancing,  dreaming, LIVING! Whilst, obviously learning about certain subjects is of course compulsary - sitting around a grey desk, in a classroom,  wearing a uniform, being forced to learn things he may not be ready to  - is NOT!  
For me, being my son's teacher feels just as natural as birthing him into the world, watching him take his first steps, and giving him shelter, warmth and food.

Acey has just finished nursery - (which he really loved, as he is very sociable) and would be due to start school in September. Seeing as he has just turned four, I thought now would be a really good time to start fully focusing on learning more, and I am really excited  to be able to share our journey with other people who might be interested. And how very pleased I am to have my own blog! :)

For more info on home education, this website has it all;