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Friday, 25 April 2014

Springtime ramblings

We have been outdoors every day pretty much non-stop for about three weeks now. It feels good after the long winter. I love that learning doesn't have to be behind a desk. I love that we're free to do in-depth nature study. I love seeing Acey's passion for learning because he isn't forced to do it. I love that being a homeschooling parent I am learning things too. And I love that more and more people are discovering that home education is an option. Although I also love that most people's children have gone back to school after the Easter holidays!! We have the museums, parks etc back to peace and tranquility again. Imagine how noisy life would be if EVERYONE home educated! ;)

I also love that God answers prayers. I can't homeschool without praying over our day. It really makes a difference! I was kind of getting into a muddle with our routine, and Acey's reading wasn't at a level I would have liked, he was having concentration difficulties. I pray and BAM! He picks up a book and reads the whole thing, he does all of his chores without complaining, he cooks his own tea, willingly. The atmosphere is just so much more pleasant, and our day goes smoothly. Why is it so hard t
o remember to simply ask God when I find us slipping? I must remember in future!

 We had archery this week...

And we went to some lovely gardens up the road from where we live with our friends. We were lucky enough to get really close to some cute ducklings. They were very fluffy!

On Thursday the local farmer's market had their 10th anniversary so we went along, and our friends from a community we visit were there playing songs on their instruments and serving free yerba matte. There was also a live turkey. I love how unexpected situations like this can turn into a free learning experience. We also visited Sheppy's Cider Farm.

Today we had a walk and picnic with a group of Christian homeschoolers. 

and we have finally got some seeds planted, about time!

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

The first few months of pictures!

I've not been great at keeping up with the blog lately - here is some of the stuff we've been up to this year so far!

We found a scrap store nearby and went halfs on the membership with another home ed friend. We came home with a huge bag of junk! Which Acey turned into a wooden go kart!

We did a project about Canada. We listened to the Canadian national anthem, read books about Canada, made a Canadian flag, learned about where maple syrup comes from (and ate maple syrup with pancakes)!, learned about different animals, ate Poutine - a popular Canadian food choice, and learned about how log cabins are built! 

Math lessons with Dave.

Learning French in a fun way!

...and a French breakfast.

Science experiments...

Enjoying Sunday School...

Starting football classes..

We have been learning about the human body, and made a replica of a bone using paper and straws. 

The digestive system...

Learning snooker skills at home ed group..

and sign language

and a visit from a professional ukulele player... :)

Archery lessons.. (probably Acey's favorite lesson)!

We had the lovely opportunity of seeing some seals being released into the sea. :)

Spending lots of time in nature...

Mucking in on the allotment...

I'm keeping this blog more as a reference for myself now, so that I can look back on what we've been doing :) But feel free to keep nosing in if you're interested in what we're up to xx
Natanya x

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

O Canada

We are currently doing a project about Canada.

We started by reading a book all about Canada, and listening to the Canadian national anthem. We learned that there is a place in Canada called Winnipeg, and Acey thought this was very funny!
We are using this curriculum from one of my favorite blogs;

We learned that there are a lot of Maple trees in Canada, and we watched a video about how Maple Syrup is made. Acey drew a picture of  a maple leaf and a maple seed.
We then tried some delicious maple syrup!!

We are also currently reading 'Little House in the big woods' at our morning circle time, and read all about how they collected maple sap to make maple sugar, and maple cakes. 

We also did a science experiment today... Using felt tip pens, Acey put a  dot half way up some strips of blotting paper, and as the water soaked into the paper, the ink 'travelled' up the paper.