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Thursday, 21 October 2010

Do I think the government pick on the most vulnerable people?

Yes, I do! and this blog post was going to be a full on rant about the fact that they are cutting benefits for single mothers (as well as alot of other people who need it most), and forcing us to search for a job when our children turn the measly age of five rendering alot of them in after school clubs and stuck with a childminder during the holidays,becoming mini robots as we all slave our asses off to pay taxes, so that the chancellor can have a nice car.  But what's the point? We all could moan about it, the people who are not allowed to retire until they're sixty six, and the many people who will be out of a job. but what can you do? Getting too bitter about it is a waste of energy. Of course you don't need to be a fortune teller to know that all this will cause is a higher rate of stress and depression, and no doubt more pregnancies. And one can only hope that David Cameron will be reincarnated as a single mother but in the meantime, what is the point in hating the government? After all, those who do not know love are the ones who need it the most.

But as a single parent home educating, where does this leave me? When I first heard that when Acey turns five in just under a year I will have to start looking for a job I really began to panic, thinking 'Oh no, I'm going to have to send him to school.' For me the most important thing in the world is bringing my child up how I want, giving him all of my love and attention. I weighed up the options;

  • Find a rich man to marry
  • Have another baby
  • Move to a commune
  • Move to Sweden (I think it is Sweden, where they recognize the importance of letting children be children and don't send them to school until they're seven or eight)
Of course, I'm only joking really. I'm too honest for the first one, couldn't cope with the second option, like my baths and my independance too much for the third and well, my family and friends aren't in Sweden are they?! I've managed to work a way around it, hopefully starting up my business from home, which I was planning on doing eventually anyway (just not this soon). It is scary, but we will make it happen. Loads of good energy sent this way, please folks!

So anyway, yesterday Acey and I went to a 'Somerset mother's circle' meet in Glastonbury, and met lots of other lovely children and their mammas who think like us. It was definetly what was needed as it is so great to meet other like-minded people who don't question the way you bring up your child when you do things a bit differently :) And I've noticed this before when being around other home-educated children, that there is a real sense of proper playfulness and freedom - just how young children should be! It really just confirmed that what I'm doing is so right for me and Acey. I love being his mamma.

Lastly, I just want to reccomend this book for other mums intersted in bringing their kids up holistically which I think is great - it's by Shazzie who is a huuge raw food guru: although it's not just about raw food, it mentions home edding, co-sleeping, breastfeeding, natural birthing etc and it's called 'Evie's kitchen.' I'll finish quoting a bit from the end of her book written by Kate Magic which really spoke out to me;

''In a culture that values career over family, losing weight over breastfeeding and making money over spreading love, holistic parenting takes ridiculous amounts of guts, determination, focus and compassion.''

Lots of love, and pumpkin soup xxxxx