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Friday, 9 September 2016

Not back to school...

So! This is the week we have been waiting for all summer, the week that the schools go back, and we have everywhere to ourselves again.... Bliss! We do miss our school friends though, but we will make an effort to get together with them out of school hours. Everyone has been posting pictures of their children on Facebook, with their uniforms and lunchboxes getting ready to start the new school year, and it is cute. I love seeing them all. Some of Acey's friends are going into Secondary school, which is kinda scary!

To celebrate NOT going back to school, the Taunton home ed group went for a picnic at the beautiful Fyne Court. There were so many other homeschoolers there, and it was really nice to catch up with friends, and have fun running around in the woods. It did make me feel blessed that they get to run and play freely, and I couldn't help thinking of  (and feeling just a bit sorry for) the school children who were sat in a classroom. With home education, there is so much freedom, to run around, get muddy, climb trees, and to express who they really are without peer pressure.

On Wednesday, art history class started back up again. It is nice to get back into the routine of all the different groups that we go to. After the art lesson, the children love to run around with the chickens and play on the trampoline.

The rest of the week was a bit of a write off, as Acey came down with a stomach bug and then I started feeling iffy too. So instead of doing too much structured learning, Acey laid on the sofa watching Horrible Histories and playing Prodigy maths while I had a long sleep. (some Minecraft videos might have been involved too) And then we decided that fresh air would do us good, so we went with Dave to the woods. It was what we all needed, we picked berries, went for a refreshing walk and played on a tree swing. We also saw a man with a quiver of arrows on his back, which was rather fitting as we have been reading Robin Hood, although slightly un-nerving too!  We had so much fun that we spent two days in a row there. I think woodland walks must become more of a regular thing. Nature is an excellent classroom, after all!

Happy September, thanks for reading!

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