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Monday, 27 June 2016

Oceans and Grandad's birthday!

On Monday, we read about foxes, so Acey decided he would like to draw one!


He also drew one of his Lego heroes - a great way to get away with playing with Lego, using it as an art project ;)
On Tuesday we had our lovely home ed group. The Taunton home ed group meets once a month at a fellow home educator's home, (the lovely Caroline who bravely opens her home up for all kinds of home ed activities) and there is a different theme each time. We have done a chocolate theme, a chicken theme, toilets, native Americans, Earth day and lots more. The children usually have a questionnaire to fill in about the theme as well as related craft activities, and a massive garden full of chickens and a trampoline to play in. This time it was an Ocean themed day, as one of the home educating mums in our group is going to be doing an awesome challenge, swimming seven of the world's channels in a year. She has already been the first woman to swim from Cornwall to the Isles of Scilly! We are lucky to have someone inspirational in our group. You can check out her website and follow what she is doing here:
We learned about oceans, and made a shiny fish out of a CD and some sparkly sticky gems
And a seaside themed cupcake

 On Wednesday, we revisited the fab home ed art exhibition with Acey's dad, and showed him Acey's work. He was impressed.
On Thursday we went to another home ed group, which also meets once a month in a local village hall. It's lovely to see children of all ages playing nicely together.
 On Friday, we went to Bristol to visit Grandad as it was his birthday! He showed us around his church, and then we went for a lovely meal. It was a very nice day, and great that we didn't have to miss his birthday because it was a school day! How I love home ed.

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