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Thursday, 23 June 2016

Taunton home ed art exhibition

Last week we read about the Magna carta and Acey did a piece of writing about it. Aparently, King John was an 'evil king of doom'!

We have been learning about the middle ages, so we talked about what they would have eaten in those days. Most people would have made pottage every day, so we decided to make our own. We also tried some mead, to get into the true medieval spirit of things. We decided that in winter, it will be very warming to have a shot of mead.

On Wednesday, we had our long awaited Taunton Home educated children's art exhibition, organised by their lovely art history teacher.

Here they are with Tracy, their teacher.
 The exhibition was held in Café espresso in Taunton, and will be on display for two weeks.

On Thursday they had their drama class, and Friday was Tennis class. After tennis, we went to one of our favourite nature spots, Great Wood with Acey's friend Isaac to play in the stream and light a fire. They had a lovely time playing in the sunshine.


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