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Sunday, 6 May 2012

Sun, sea and Glastonbury Tor

This is what we've been up to this week..

On Monday we went to the library and came home with books about Postman Pat and a Jamaican counting poem book about fruits. It rained and rained in the evening and we played with some instruments that sounded like rain including a curiously large bean all the way from Jamaica...

On Tuesday we had a most magical day with our friend David at Glastonbury where we parked in 'Leg of Mutton Road' and found it hilarious, and then we went shopping, and for a walk up the tor where we saw lots of funny sheep, and a man found Acey's sword (after it was dropped on the way up) and knighted me with it! Acey had fun running around the tor for about an hour and introducing himself to everyone. On the way back we saw some home-ed friends from Cornwall who were in Glastonbury for a week - we only saw them briefly in the end, but Acey was delighted to meet another little long haired home ed boy (who shared equal octonauts enthusiasm)!

On wednesday we sat out the back in the sunshine and learnt about money. We have these new money snap cards. I am amazed at how quick Acey picks up on mathematics, we are going to focus alot on this now while he is interested.

On Thursday we went to play at Annabelles, and met some AP friends, and Acey had lots of fun playing with his friend Jacob. On Friday we didn't do alot, the weather was a bit rubbish - we just stayed in and planted some courgettes, peppers and a couple of sunflowers.

On Saturday our lovely friend David took us to the sunny beaches of Devon, we went to Barricane beach where there are meant to be lots of pretty tropical shells from the gulf stream. We found a few as well as some anemones and mermaids purses, but then got chased away from the fast tide!

Afterwards we went to Woolacombe and had great fun rolling in the sand and jumping over the big waves and getting soaked (luckily we bought a change of clothes)! Next time we go there we decided we will hire a wetsuit and little surfboard, I have fond memories of doing that on this beach as a child. And then we went to lovely Ilfracombe and sat looked at the boats on the harbour, had some chips and went for a walk up the hill to St Nicholas chapel..It was warm and beautiful.

Acey was very tired out after our week, so today we had a nice day relaxing at my mum's. And that is all. I have applied for a job which I could do from home which would be perfect for me to stay at home with Acey. Pleeease pray that I get it xx

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  1. What a beautiful mama and son team you are! :)