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Saturday, 12 May 2012

Fabulous Autonomous maths and english fun

We've had a relatively quiet week this week. We have properly sat down and done some maths work, from one of Acey's workbooks. This is the first time we have done any proper adding up and taking away, and I was so surprised to see that Acey picked it up straight away, like he'd done it millions of times before. We have got a special notebook especially for doing sums in too, and I wrote a list of about 20 sums, only two of which he got wrong. I was very impressed seeing as this is the first proper maths we've done. Acey really really enjoys and loves doing it...

And another revelation this week... I am really overjoyed at this one... Acey picked a book up, and read it. And then another. And then another. I realise most school age children are most likely already reading by this point, but as Acey is learning at his own pace, I was starting to wonder if the day would ever come, and was in all truth - starting to get a wee bit worried about it. There was never any need to. We have a couple of first reading books, which I got from Oxfam and he was so so proud of himself for reading that he put himself to bed and read a bedtime story all to himself. Big hugs of encouragement were had. Am going to stock up on some Oxford Reading Tree books, and we might get Reading Eggs too, this is a way of learning children can do on the computer through playing games.

This child led autonomous education is working so well for us, sometimes I feel a bit wobbly wondering if I am doing the right thing, but things like this really confirm it.

And that's it really this week, we had Jacob over to play on Tuesday, and friends Hayden and Artie to play on Thursday when lots of balloons were filled with water and there were three wet boys, but hey - they had fun! Acey spent some time with his daddy on Friday, and enjoyed building a new lego hero. And then nanny took him swimming.

Oh, and we are very excited that our first seedlings have appeared too. The problem is, we can't entirely remember what they are - we think courgettes, pumpkins and sunflowers but time will tell I guess!


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