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Sunday, 20 May 2012

Home Education Is: finding a helicopter in a field and watching it take off...

This week has involved - Swimming with Nanny, playing in the woods with friends - two days in a row! - playing at some friends' house - science experiments at home ed group, playing in the park lots with various friends, meeting friends for lunch, going along to a new home ed group, going to Hestercombe gardens and discovering a helicopter in a field and watching it take off, and working hard on the allotment!

The sun was shining when we went to the woods with Olivia, Rob and Jacob on Sunday. They had great fun climbing trees, swinging on rope swings and chasing eachother with sticks - I mean swords..

The next day, when we went to the woods with David and Eve and Rhys, it was NOT so sunny, but still fun!

Did you know that red cabbage water reacts the same at litmus paper? At home ed group we did some acid/alkaline experiments by adding various different things to the cabbage water - which created a very colorful explosion!

 And we also went out to the park and did some experiments with fizzy drinks and mints - here's the result -

On wednesday we met friends for lunch at Root's cafe and our friend Tushie gave Acey some amazing new dressing up clothes -

On Thursday after playing with some friends in the park, we went along to a new home ed group which was really nice. First of all we went to a playing field/park and the older ones played rounders, while the littler ones played in the playpark and then we all went back to the hall where a music lady did some dance, music and drama type things with them. Acey didn't know anyone there, and so didn't want to participate, but hopefully if we keep going he will! Everybody there was very friendly.

On Friday we went to Hestercombe gardens with Hayden and Artie, and came across this Helicopter in the first there was nobody in it, but soon after, there was and it was very exciting watching it take off, and the big propelors spinning around. If they had been sat behind a desk in a classroom, they wouldn't have came across this, and it's things like this that remind me why home ed is so special...We are very lucky to have made this decision, even though there are obstacles in the way sometimes...

And here is our allotment...

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