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Thursday, 12 April 2012


Poorly over Easter....can you believe it?! :(  
No Easter crafts, no Easter story, just lying in bed with tissues, eucalyptus oil, vicks vapour rub, hot water bottle and grapes. How miserable!!! (we did have chocolate though and managed to drag ourselves to mum's for the day)!

...and I suppose we managed a bit of half-hearted egg dying using natural dyes (spur of the moment easter morning thing, so it didn't work that well)

Acey's dad came to visit too...

For two weeks, due to being ill we have done NOTHING homeschooly what so ever, even when Acey felt better, I was still DYING! I feel bad, but then kind of let myself off, when I remember it's the holidays and children are off school anyway!

A few other things we have been up to recently....
Acey made a shaddow show, by painting a black landscape on some white paper, cutting some crocodile puppets out of cardboard, and attatching a straw to hold them with, and then shining a light behind the paper in the dark, to create a shaddow effect...we got the idea from a book which a friend reccomended called '50 science things to make and do' which is really good! It was lots of fun.

Three little boys went pond can only see two of them in this picture. No bugs or pond insects were found at all when we got there...only two swans, and nets got broken but they still had fun paddling in the beautiful lake.

We went on an otter hunt at Neroche Forest with Jacob. It was a special event, walking around the woods, musical instruments and singing songs, and a story....being it daytime we didn't see any real otters....

...but we did see SOME otters, even if they weren't exactly..real...;)

and we foraged for lots of delicious wild garlic to have for tea.

I sent of for a pack of free educational recourses from the british heart foundation...I didn't realise quite how much would arrive! It was fantastic - we got lots of educational story books, playing cards, healthy eating sheets, childrens' recipes, educational DVDs, and best of all - cardboard bodily organs. After talking about it and learning about it a bit, I was quite impressed that Acey layed it all out himself in the correct order! was highly impressed with this pack!

And going for lots of runs and making badger masks with our lovely friend David, and playing with Eve and Rhys and Ethan around the corner. And making easter nest cakes and having an egg hunt at home ed group!
Can't wait to start learning and having fun again next week now all of the illness has (almost) gone!

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