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Saturday, 10 March 2012

Spring table, Noahs ark and getting wet in the stream :)

I knew when Spring was come
Not by the murmorous hum
Of bees in the willow trees,
Or frills
Of daffodils,
Or the scent of the breeze;
But because there were whips and tops
By the jar of lollipops
in the two little village shops...

Spring is here, spring is here, spring is here at lasssssst!!!! It feels good to have finally made a start on our spring table! We were beginning to think it would never come!
This week has involved:

A very windy walk in the woods with our lovely friend David :)

Making daffodils at home ed group out of tissue paper and staws, and having lots of fun in the playpark afterwards!

A bonkers trip to town with our lovely friends Annabelle and fairy godson Sam and Jacob, who is also being homeschooled now :) very fun!

We have been learning all about Noah's ark recently, and after Acey drew a really fantastic picture of Noah's ark with solar panels on the roof and everything, it reminded me that my dad had promised to take us to Noah's Ark zoo farm in Bristol, so on Wednesday that is what we did! Great fun was had feeding the animals, although I think Acey was more interested in the play area! *sigh*


And back to Grandad's and Nanna Jeans' for supper before getting the train home again...

On Friday we spent the day at Hestercombe Gardens, which is just up the road with Hayden and Artie and their mummy Lauren...

We fed the naughty greedy swan who nearly nipped Arties wellies off, and had adventures in the stream, saw lots of bees buzzing around which was very exciting, and welcomed the sight of the beautiful spring flowers everywhere!

Primroses - my favourite :)

We love Spring!