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Monday, 23 April 2012

April showers - come back sunshine!

This week has involved Jacob's birthday party, going to The Living Light church, Library, playing with Eve and Rhys and Ethan another home educating family from around the corner, Learning about recycling and renewable energy and making windchimes at home ed group,  a spinning birdie in a cage experiment, going to a fun wildlife park for a friend's birthday and surprising Grandad and Nanny on the way home and going for a walk at Fyne Court and The Spinney at Kingston St Mary....Oh, and lots and lots of rain and wintery weather! Where is the sunshine?!

                                                     Eve and Acey with their den they built at Jacob's party

We focused on Earth day at home ed group, and talked about different types of energy and why some are more sustainable than others, and played a little recycling game, and made these lovely windchimes out of old nuts and bolts and shells and pebbles and clay plant pots.

We did a little birdy in a cage experiment to see how our brain can trick our eyes. We cut out a circle of card, and drew a bird on one side and a cage on the other, and tied some string either side, and span it around really fast to make it look like the bird was in the cage.

We also made some paper origami claws!!

On Friday we went to Avon Valley Mouth adventure park with Hayden and Artie. It was lots of fun, Acey especially liked the Go Karts!

And seeing as we were passing Bristol on the way home, we decided to surprise Grandad and turn up on his doorstep! He was very pleased!

On Saturday we went to Fyne Court and then decided to go to The Spinney at Kingston which is a very lovely place. We gathered lots of wild flowers, and discovered new ones to go in our wild flower book we are making, and some to decorate our spring table with too. :)

We really hope the lovely spring sunshine comes back soon!!!

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