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Saturday, 14 August 2010

mamma and boy

So here I am, in my flat, boy in bed, cat on nature table...and it's very quiet. Nothing wrong with a bit of peace and quiet, I'm very lucky not to live in a noisy area (my neighbour in the flat upstairs just made a huuuge bang as I typed that), but I do get lonely sometimes, and it is times like these when I think 'golly! what am I doing?'
Being a single parent, I am of course going to find home educating my son difficult at times...not because of not getting any time to myself as I could think of no better way to spend my life than with my little boy every day watching his wings grow, something I would greatly miss if I sent him to school. (schools make wings a dull grey colour, and they eventually shrivell up - fact!) The main thing, I think, that plays on my mind is certainly the financial sacrifice I am going to have to make...
What if my plans to set up my own business and work from home around Acey's education don't quite work out, what if I suddenly one day cave in and have to look for a normal job and send him to school?!! Oh noooo!!!

Of course, this won't happen, but these are the brief thoughts that enter my mind whilst I sit here alone in the evenings. I know that home-schooling is natural and right for me and my boy, it is our truth - and that is all that matters. The financial sacrifice, I think will be worth it. My son learning naturally through creativity and love is worth far more than any amount of money in the world!

Next week, we have been invited to a lovely camp which is a bit scary for me, as I've never been camping on my own with Acey before, especially for ten days!! But we will have a crazy lovely time, I'm sure - me and my boy.

Here's a few snaps of other stuff that's been happening this week.

A game of guess the tail....


Making puzzles :)

I got a new tattoo.....

And it looks like it's nearly autumn...cold and wet and the leaves are starting to fall...

Oooh and the triops grew :)

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  1. Time spent with Acey when he's growing up is worth far, far more than any soul-destroying job could ever be. When I'm on top of things I realise that memories are the most important thing in the world, and you shouldn't compromise them unless you absolutely have to, if there is literally no other option. This was a really well-written and heartfelt post again. You're a much better blogger than you give yourself credit for. xxx