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Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Making new friends...but not triops!

''One source of fear is certainly the education system. Little children are fearless, imperious anarchists, and the education system works and works on them over a period of fifteen years to instill docility so that they won't complain too much when they end up with a boring job. Education is like pruning; it wrecks the natural growth of the tree in favour of a form that is useful to commercial society.''

As quoted from one of my favourite and my BEST books 'How to be Free' by Tom Hodgkinson; As he says, you learn how to type, click a mouse and shop in tesco's - 'but not how to grab hold of life, to live it joyfully and fearlessly.'
Home education was something I had been considering for quite sometime...but it was after reading this book, and thinking 'yes - someone else out there thinks like me!' that I made my final decision.

SOMEONE else out there thought like me, but someone wasn't everyone, and I couldn't think of anybody else I knew who home educated their child. Indeed, surely the majority of people I mention it to think I'm mad (maybe I am - but in a good way, I like to think)! This is made clear by the sheer look of terror in their eyes, not very cleverly disguised by the unenthusiastic smiles, and the carefully poised question - ''but won't he miss out on socialising?''
Acey is, indeed very sociable and friendly, and so I began to look for other people in the area who also home educated. I found a couple of groups in nearby towns, but nothing where I live, so I decided to find other home edders, and start a network of people here!

Yesterday we all met in the park and had a picnic. (it was very scary, as I'd never organized such a thing before), but everyone was lovely and the children all played so nicely together in the sunshine! (without having to worry about the whistle being blown saying it's time to go indoors).  It's great to know there are other like-minded people who know what's best for their children, and hopefully a group in Taunton will now become a regular thing!

On a sadder note, Acey got some Triops for his birthday, and we (me more than him I think) were sooo excited for them to hatch....but, well...they haven't! :( Not yet anyway, maybe they will soon! Of course, it could have something to do with our naughty cat, Casper drinking their water when we weren't looking!!

Come on, triops!!!

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