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Friday, 27 August 2010

Hippie camp

Well we had a lovely break away at Superspirit camp! The first night we slept on a very snuggly beanbag around a fire in a tipi, we braved the drop toilets, and the communal horsebox showers, and the rain. We toasted marshmallows around the campfire, had storytime (don't forget your mug) every other night in the big lodge around an open fire with hot chocolate (for those who remembered their mugs), we camped with a chicken called Doris, and a field of sheep. We ate delicious food and danced to wonderful bands in the cafe. We circle danced and Omm'd in the morning meetings. We made wonderful friends with wonderful people who we can't wait to see again next year. We had delicious free Krishna food. We had a brilliant time working in the kid's area; the children made native animal masks and paraded around underneath a big dragon for one of the evening ceremonies. They made indian head-dresses and beautiful dream-catchers, We did beating the bounds which consisted of making lots of noise with drums and singing songs around the whole campsite to frighten away evil spirits. They sewed their own pretty bags, and when we left, they were busy preparing a water slide!!! (Thankfully we missed out on the paddling pools full of mashed potato and jelly due to the rain). And we were so lucky to camp with such a lovely circle of people.

Sadly we came home yesterday, due to being able to get a free lift home, and Acey running out of non-muddy clothes. Before we went I had quite possibly the best massage I have had - my hips are now perfectly alligned and so are my shoulders! We will so go again every year. Acey says he can't wait to see his new friends again, particularly the ones who lived in the cool double decker bus which I think Acey would have liked to run away and live in, had I let him out of my sight for too long;

We came home two very smelly hippies :) It was so nice to be  in nature for eight days, away from computer screens, and shops, plastic, traffic, and all the other nonsense.Walking barefoot in a muddy field, eating meals cooked on a campfire etc reminded me that we are all a part of nature, but all the rain and cold wind also reminded me that nature is powerful and there is nothing we can do to stop can stop us, though if we are not careful which is why it is essential that we try as much as possible to go back to living that way, in which we were intended to. This is what I want to teach my son as much as possible, a lesson which is far more important than any he could ever learn sitting behind a desk in a classroom.

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