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Thursday, 22 August 2013

New hobby! And peace and quiet for mama.

This week Acey has been attending a bible holiday club every morning, where they are doing a project about space, doing various crafts and team games. He is really enjoying it - and I am enjoying the time alone in the mornings too! Alone time is something you rarely get when you home school! It is such an important thing. I read something a few days ago...'every woman needs alone time to connect with her beauty and truth.' Recently I have been feeling burnt out trying to do everything - being a mum, homeschooling, making things to sell, and trying to be there for friends too. I was getting no time to myself - but I have realized that in order to be and do all of those things, you NEED to make time for yourself too. To discover your beauty and truth - and to just get some sleep or something!!!  Big up the school summer holidays when there is lots of stuff for kids to do! (although big up back to school time too, when we will get our libraries, museum and parks all to ourselves again)!

Here is a teenage mutant ninja turtle carved onto some soap which Acey came back from the club with the other day - I am not sure weather we should use it or just keep it to admire!

They have also been learning new bible verses it seems, as this note was left for me last night

We've also discovered a new hobby! We went to a Tudor weaving workshop at the museum and Acey loved it so much we decided to get the equipment to do it at home. Finding a new hobby is such a great thing , especially when it's something crafty! :)

One more thing I wanted to share; Subtraction cards - we have addition ones too - they're great!!!

Now to go back to bed with my book whilst I still have some peace for a few hours!! 

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