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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Play based maths and workbooks

I am really Steiner inspired, so much that if we lived near a (free) Steiner school I would strongly consider NOT homeschooling and sending Acey there instead. I try to incorporate a lot of Steiner philosophy into our home ed, I've made sure that the early years have all been about play and spending a lot of time in nature, although there are some things I've slipped up on like letting him watch ninja turtles on the laptop (which I'm regretting).. and now he is about to turn seven and his second set of teeth are starting to emerge we are still very much play based, learning is very gentle - lots of time outdoors in nature, lots of painting and craftwork, baking, play play and more play. I am currently reading The Christopherous Waldorf homeschooling overview and it has really set my mind at rest, as sometimes it can be daunting when your child isn't at the same level as public school children who are all phonic'd up and are chanting the times tables off the top of their heads! It's reassuring to read that learning through play and at a slower pace can actually be more beneficial to the child's development.

With that all being said, we LOVE workbooks!!! Not very Steiner at all, but Acey enjoys doing them and will sit very quietly at the table, so we are flowing with that. Today was all about dimensional shapes


We also like to do lots of play based maths too - we've been having great fun doing a couple of simple math games from a book called 'games for math' by Peggy Kaye. She has written some amazing play based learning books

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