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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

apple experiment

We discovered that if you leave an apple out all day it turns a brown color. We did an experiment by cutting an apple in half, and pouring lemon juice over one half and not doing anything to the other half. We waited for an hour and then came back to see what happened - the half that we had poured the lemon juice over still looked white, but the other half had gone brown. We found out that it is because of something called a chemical reaction in the air that makes the apple turn brown, and which made the lemon juice keep the apple fresh.

Acey also made a book by sewing the pages together. The story is called 'dark shaddows' and it is very scary. He also made a 'film' of the book in lego...

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  1. Ah what a fab adventure to study, learn and socialize with your children,, really inspiring!