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Saturday, 25 February 2012

A quiet week, with a little pink cake added...

This week has been a quiet one, due to being a bit under the weather. We haven't been to our home ed group for about a month!! Different diversions seem to keep cropping up each week, but we miss it and are determined to go back asap! We also started a really nice new home ed group in Glastonbury called Glow Education a couple of weeks back with some friends - so far that is the only session we've managed to get to!!

On Sunday we craved yet more sea, and so our friend David took us to Dunster. It was freezing! Acey cried and didn't want to make sandcastles. He sat on my lap and moaned, which is so unlike him even when it's cold! Something not right there...

The next day poor Acey was sick. It was because he hadn't eaten much the day before, but that was probably because he'd been feeling a little under the weather. I too have had a touch of tonsilitis so I should have known! We had a restful couple of days and were both fine.

A few weeks ago my friend Christina said ''can you make me a pink cake again this year and can we have a little party for my birthday?'' Well how could I refuse? Christina is one of my oldest and bestest friends. We lived opposite eachother when we were little, and have lots of fun memories. Whenever we don't see eachother for ages, we always get reunited somehow or another! And she had a bad week previously after crashing her car - so of course we could have a little birthday tea pink cake!!

The rest of the week has been a quiet one. Winter seemed be dragging this week and the SAD really kicked in!! I am (I was politely informed a while back) a typical pulsatilla patient,  and yes it is true, I really am - and well, since taking the remedy it has helped but sometimes I still need that little something to cheer me up and kick my butt out of that 'feeling sorry for self' I bought some little daffydillys at the greengrocer's...

Still, spring seems to be on it's way. The sun was shining today and we are going to a nice lake tomorrow if it's still nice! Snowdrops and daffodils and crocuses are slowly and finally blooming and tomorrow I'm ordering some new silks for our spring table....I think we might learn about magnets next week!

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