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John 13:34 - ''A new commandment I give unto you, That you love one another; as I have loved you, that you also love one another.''

Monday, 20 February 2012

Love week.

God bless all those that I love
God bless all those that love me
God bless all those that love those that I love
and all those that love those that love me.

Wow this week has been valentines week - just for the record, I am against the commercialism of love, and so valentines day is irrelevant really anyway, but we thought we would spend the week celebrating love anyhow! And what a loved up week it has been (despite my getting dumped)!

On Monday Acey - AKA Fringe Boy's friend Magneto boy and little fairy godcousin came over to play! It was lots of fun.

Tuesday was valentines day. We decided to make some beautiful love lanterns and some loveheart pebbles for people we love...we went for a lovely walk on Sunday with our friend Christina and found some pebbles which we painted, and we also collected some from the beach and stuck some loveheart tissue paper on them.

In the evening we had a little valentines corner - we read some books about Love (these are our favourites) and played some tunes on the kinder Lyre, and had some love chocolates.

On wednesday, the adventures of Fringe Boy and Magneto boy continued at Charmouth beach (our favourite) in Dorset. We collected lots of pebbles!!

And on Friday we went to Charmouth beach AGAIN with our friend David. We had such a peaceful and beautiful day. Acey is in his element at sea. (so am I)! We had an interesting walk around the fossil shop after getting very wet and sandy..

We had a magical Saturday in Glastonbury for Reclaim Love at the Tor. By the time we got there, though, Reclaim Love had finished and it was very wet and windy, but we braved the Tor with new friends (and kept our eyes open for the somerset stranglers)...

And back to the cafe afterwards for wonderful lunch with wonderful friends!!!

What a loved up week it has been :)

I will finish this blog by sharing my lovely friend Annabelle's raw chocolate page! These are DIVINE and creamy, better than any other raw chocolate going


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