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Monday, 1 August 2011


This week just gone Acey Spiros Alexander Johnston-Squire turned FIVE! Yep, this time five years ago I was sat, cradling my tiny baby boy not being able to stop staring at him (and ringing the NHS every time he cried - well, being an 18yr old unexperienced mum does have some drawbacks)! Little did I know then what an amazing natural parenting journey I'd be embarking on, although without any clue on how to raise or look after a baby, I stubbornly insisted on using cloth nappies, breastfeeding and no pain relief during labour. At this time I knew nothing, it all just felt right! during these five years, I have watched that little acorn grow into a small oak tree, it hasn't been an easy journey - it has has it's ups and very low downs, but I have watched him break his first smile, say his first word (I believe it was 'mmmmba' which is a very good word indeed), take his first steps (this happened at the big green gathering), learn to feed himself etc etc, and now he is teaching himself to read and write, draw, paint, how to act - how to be Acey. (I think he likes it). Our journey is still naturally unfolding, as I stubbornly insist on home schooling, and being mostly raw, and spending lots of time connecting with nature...having Acey changed the person I am in ways I never could have imagined, and I thank God every day for him, how blessed am I!

We had an extremely busy week, after getting back from camping, we went on a butterfly hunt and picnic with Taunton home education group at Thurlbear quarrylands, attended our sorry state of an allotment, had a visit from our friend Marcus and spent lots of time in the lake and star-wars bridge which is the best bridge ever because when you through stones at it, it makes a noise like nothing else on this planet! and laughing at an actuall huge tropical fish which was just lying in the middle of the pavement (yes I do wonder if I will ever grow up)..

For Acey's birthday my mother and I took Acey and his friend Vincent, who is Acey's longest friend (they met when they were just a few weeks old) on the steam train from Bishops' Lydeard to Minehead. It was such a lovely scenic adventure. The boys had great fun playing on the sand, and then we came home for a small tea party with family and a couple of Acey's other close friends. Acey had an amazing day, and especially liked his new octonaught paraphernalia. AND his cake shaped like a dragon! Here are some pictures from his special day;

and here are also a few taken from home ed group;
...busy making dens...

 ..and catching butterflies

And now we have another busy fun-filled week ahead!!
One last thing I want to share, before I go to tidy up the aftermaths of the birthday mess (as I have still not done it yet), is this video...this is somethig I feel very strongly about at the moment and would like to raise some awareness of! This is happening in the UK aswell as america, the psychiatric labelling and drugging of increasingly more and more children...(I'll post the video now before this turns into a full on rant)! for more info if you're interested...

Love and light xx

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