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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

We've been camping and stuff.

Acey and I went camping over the weekend with my mum and her husband Malcolm at Charmouth in Dorset. Dorset is my favourite coast because I have alot of special memories from there, and because it is the Jurassic coast and it is very dinosaur-ey and contains alot of fossils. Fossils are one of our favourite things at the moment. Well mine, anyway!! (Acey's not quite as interested)! Acey had a lovely time, he played alot in the playpark in the campsite, and I'm thinking of changing his middle name to 'Danger' because he befriended an older boy who was being a bit of an acrobat, and decided to follow suit.. he caught some little fishies and studied them in his special bug box, made lots of sandcastles and we made a raft using things that had been washed up on the beach. It was pretty impressive! We did alot of cliff walking and kite flying and butterfly catching! And of course, we found some really interesting beautiful fossils :o) Getting home on public trasport was rather hectic (it took FOUR hours)!! but here we are... as promised I thought I'd do a blog post about what we've been up to, so here are some pictures from our weekend and a couple of photos which somebody else took of Acey a few weeks ago which I thought I'd share on here because I thought they were really nice. I can't wait to get a new camera of my own!!

One last thing, I have just read 'Free Range Education' and I highly reccomend it to any of my home ed friends who haven't yet done so. It is really nice to read stories from other home ed families experiences and has alot of  information regarding the law and home-education if you're not very clued up on the subject. Which has just reminded me of another stupid common home-educated related question which I often get asked;

Q. Do you have to be a qualified teacher to home-educate your child?
A. Yes you do. Luckily you become a qualified teacher as soon as you become a mother and you don't even need a certificate! ;)

peace out x

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