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Monday, 29 April 2013

One subject sparking interest in another subject

So how did we go from learning about Noah's ark...

To doing a science experiment about things absorbing water..

.....and back to this again?

Well, that's just what happens with homeschooling - one minute you're doing one thing, and then that sparks an interest in something else, and the wonderful thing is, you can stop what you're doing, explore the thing that has awakened your curiosity, and then that may lead on to something else....and so on...

So we were reading the story of Noah's ark in our bible study lesson today, and it said that Noah built his ark out of wood - (we thought it must have taken ALOT of trees to cut down and a lot of hard work)! It then went on to say that he would have used tar to waterproof the ark. 'But why would you need to waterproof it, Mum?'
'Because wood would absorb all of the water from the flood'
'What does absorb mean?'

And so out came the sponge and we abandoned Noah's ark for the bathroom sink for a while.... Just one small example of how  home schooled kids can so easily study their interests in depth when they want to! It's such a natural way of learning! 

We came back to the ark after and had a bit of a play. The rest of the day was spent in the sunshine playing with friends!

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