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Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Free range summer ramblings

A trip to Woody Bay, Devon with Bruno where we took all our clothes off and were wild, naked and free in the sea...

Green scythe fayre Somerset

 A visit to Tinkers Bubble community, which was full of friendly people, sweet little houses, lots of land, a steam powered saw, apple press, beehives, blissful living!

 A sunny day at Great Wood with three naked boys paddling in the steam and running around in the long grass whilst mammas made waldorf puppets.

Lots of time spent in the woods and meaddows...

We found a dear little bird nest fallen from the tree, perfect for our summer table...

Allotment is doing well...

...and we witnessed a real actual fire from our window. How's that for homeschooling?

Oh, and I am now a self employed mamma. Pretty scary!!!
Blissful sunshine summer blessings xxx


  1. Aw look at you both! Lovely happy busy summer days. :)

  2. oh i would love to visit Tinkers Bubble. :-)

  3. All looks so wonderful! We're hoping to get to the coast on Monday (OH loves the sea and complains when it's been a while - I do wonder whether it's the water sign in him). I hope the weather is good, last few times it's been quite cold and blowy.

    And self-employed :0) What did you decide to do?

  4. Hi Nicky - I don't really know - bit of everything :o) Reflexology, making and selling crafts, buying things cheap and selling on ebay. ANYTHING really! Still all a bit scary at the moment as tax credits haven't come through yet, and I don't know what's going on with money, and have all these forms which I really don't understand!!!

    Hope you have a lovely time at the Sea :o)

  5. We didn't make it as the weather wasn't good for it - we've had a few trips in the cold, wind and rain, it would be nice to have a beach trip with some sun for a change :0)

    Good luck with the self-employment! x