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Wednesday, 28 December 2011


I haven't blogged for a while, so thought I would do a winter update and share some pictures! We have really been enjoying this wintertime. Usually I suffer from SAD but this year, for some reason it has been NICE this year..maybe it is because this winter hasn't been so cold, maybe it is because of the vitamin D spray we are taking (it's great stuff)! Maybe it is just because we have been sharing it with so many wonderful friends and family this year! Or maybe I just miraculously like winter now!

We have been for lots of lovely countryside walks and spent a day shopping in Minehead with our friends (was a bit daunting going out in Emeth's new car, I won't lie) ;)

Visiting the faeries in the quantocks

With friend Millie at Minehead

We did a project about Jamaica and made this poster. 

I became a fairy god mother!!! Such a blessing, he is beautiful...this obviously called for some new fairy wings and an excuse to wear glitter alot! I purchased my wings from in Glastonbury...a pixie family who make some really lovely things!

We FINALLY have a table from our lovely friend Bryony. It is unbelievably nice not having to eat dinner on the sofa, and having somewhere to do crafts etc!!

Cardboard house made at home ed group 

Beeswax candleholders made by Acey for our wintertable!

And star bunting made with the scap bits of wax!

Winter solstice was spent with our lovely new friends Verity and Duncan! Verity prepared a lovely lovely meal and made some really nice presents for myself and Acey! We had a lovely time and are soo pleased to have new friends :) 

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