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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

October so far...

''...I knew when Autumn came -
Not by the crimson flame
Of leaves that lapped the eaves
Or mist
In amethyst
And opal-tinted weaves;
But because there were alley-taws
(punctual as hips and haws)
On the counter at Mrs Shaws...''

This is a poem from one of Acey's books and we have been repeating it rather alot. Well, I finally got a new camera! (it's pink) So here are some pictures of our autumn so far - have still stolen a couple and some were taken from my phone...

I turned 24; my wonderful friends had a gathering for me in their beautiful farmhouse garden the day before, where Acey enjoyed playing with his friend Jacob, and then on my birthday we went to Bristol where my dad and step-mother prepared a grand feast! It was beautifully sunny weather, and nice to actually sit out in some gardens (we don't have one)!

(Acey and his nanna)

We have collected lots of conkers, and Acey enjoyed making conker necklaces and a conker cat at home ed group the previous week;

...And then going for a walk at Fyne Court, where they had great fun playing with the wooden instrument!

We had to put Giraffe into hospital, as Acey had been taking alot of aggression out on him rather alot (he needs surgery of the needle and thread variety, and lots of cuddles but I think he will survive)!

We said goodbye to our lovely Marcus who has gone to Jamaica for six months...

we've been for a run (well Acey ran, I walked)...

Acey has FINALLY discovered that he loves salad, and wants to become a raw foodist

He is also learning to play the guitar with his own proper mini electric one (soo cute)...

last weekend there was a history event on in town, where we saw some interesting people in costumes, watched a lady doing some pretty weaving, and watched a sword re-enactment!! Acey was a bit more interested in running around and climbing on his grandad on this occasion though :)

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