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Thursday, 23 September 2010

Mabon blessings...

It's officially autumn, and I like it. I really do like this time of year when all the leaves turn into beautiful earthy colours and there are pine cones on the ground and magic in the air. Today, Acey found his first conker of the season. Very exciting.

So yesterday, I got some apples given to me at my allotment from the lady on my neighbouring plot. All kinds of apples...a big bag of them! And so I made a delicious apple and cinnamon crumble, which we ate today after our special equinox feast of field mushrooms (horray! A dinner that I can actually get Acey to eat without bribing him)! As a really good project for Acey, I thought it would be fab to use the leftover apples skins, corrs and rotten bits etc to make some fertilizer for our veggies... so we spent the morning doing lots of pulverising until we had a mixture which looked like sick, as Acey described it. We also chopped a load up to make some bird feed with - and after being told by my very clever four year old that birds also like to eat nuts and seeds, we of course added a few of them in there too! Leaving an offering in this way really helped Acey to understand all about celebrating the seasons and how to be thankful for the delicious apples provided by mother earth...(as if he wasn't thankful enough anyway, when he ate the crumble)...

After going to our allotment, we decided that it would be lovely to go to our magic fairy garden, but just as we were about to head off, it started raining and thundering, so we instead got out the musical instrument box and Acey chose three musical instruments; A triangle for rain, my turkish drum for thunder and his pretty jingly shaky stick which sounds very much like the leaves blowing in the wind and we had a great jam, playing the weather instruments and singing songs about thunder!! After all that loud singing and music, the storm appeared to subside. I think we must have outdone it :)

So all of next week, we are going to be learning all about autumn, which is going to be soo much fun. We have already started adding to our mabon altar/ nature table check it...

Oh and one more thing before I go; me and my mum are in love with this moisturiser. Mine came in the post today and it is pure raw beautifully smelling nourishing antioxidant vitaman and mineral rich moisturiser full of life force! This website also does a few superfoods and such like aswell it is lovely!

Love, light and autumn sparkles xxx

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  1. Hi Just found your blog through Julia Pollard on Facebook , what a lovely blog post . Happy Mabon to you too x (Tracie Paton) The Cornish Mummy